October 28, 2011

Education sector must not dwell in dreamland

A society functions only when it consists of people skilled in a variety of professions and there are workers.

Our school curriculum is designed by 'armchair intellectuals' who have no idea what a society is.

Majority of Indians are employed as agriculture labourers, industrial workers, drivers, small shopkeepers, craftsmen, artists, skilled labourers, in construction industry etc.

Is our school curriculum suitable to such people?
Why should curriculum makers assume that the ultimate aim of every child is to become doctors, engineers and managers?

The school curriculum presently creates a competition for the top posts...Why these posts are considered top?

Because you don't need much physical work, and a lot of opportunity to become rich. But a doctor or engineer cannot become that rich in his lifetime. Only businessmen can. If a doctor or engineer become rich in his profession, it is because either he is doing business ..selling his profession.. which is business. Being a government servant if he becomes rich then he must be involved in corruption

If the minimum wages of other professions are raised and enforced then many other professions are equally attractive as the most coveted ones at present.

The curriculum load must be reduced and modified to suit the future of the child, the profession he is going to enter.

At present school curriculum makes manual labour a shameful thing. Only intellectual power is considered worth in school system. And the school kills the attitude towards work in school children and make them feel that doing manual labour is shameful, while becoming a manager who get things done is something great..

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