October 27, 2011

Mad teachers created state syllabus

Many researches seemed to have found that school curriculum should improve critical thinking in students.. to save the world from population turning idiots. Many researchers cooked up data that was never collected from the field and proved that critical thinking is must for children. And there are still some 'enlightened' souls who set out to write text books to improve critical thinking.

State syllabus text books are shabby in appearance (newsprint quality books with dirty grey pictures). They provide examples for how not to print books. Everywhere in the world school kids are provided colourful books that are attractive and provide them enthusiasm to learning. But in Kerala they education bosses have managed to make it the worst books in ones cupboard.

The contents are crazy. Not knowing how to create contents for improving thinking abilities, the textbook authors filled the books with endless number of questions, and 'practical' experiments. A chapter on respiration in IX Std. English medium is full of hard words describing respiratory system that a child is never going to use in her life unless she chooses a medical career..

Why should children be loaded with irrelevant contents? The textbook writers and so called educationists have made the life of child miserable. Instead of reducing burden they have added burden.. heaps of it.. they did not discard the old classical method of learning words by heart. In addition to by heart learning the child now has not been provided information in the textbooks. They have to run from pillar to post to fetch information..

Many students do not have computers and internet at home. Those who have these facilities have upper hand. There are umpteen projects to be done. Those who have computers cut and paste the pics and present.

A student of 8th std. is asking "what is the difference between sting variable and numerical variable?" Why should that kid know this sort of intricacies? There are so many thing in information technology that are soft in nature and essential for life that kids need to know before they learn 'string variable and numerical variable'.

The curriculum is designed in such a way as to create hatred for subjects in the minds of children and to torture the children. The so called educationalists who have got doctorate degrees cooking up false data can relax with plum salaries and little work.

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