October 02, 2011

Calicut University B.Ed Centers pay low salaries to faculty members..

Universities only teach socialism and marxism. They do not follow such philosophies themselves.

The disparity between the regular permanent teachers and the contract teachers working in the University is huge and still increasing. A senior faculty member of the University gets UGC salary of around Rs.50,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh per month. Hundreds of teachers appointed on contract basis in the self financing institutions get Rs.12,000 per month and their Principals get Rs.15,000 p.m. There is no other allowances or job security. No medical benefits, insurance, provident fund, pension and no maternity leave even. If one falls sick she looses job due to absence that is all.

In the B.Ed centers of the Calicut Universities all the faculty members including the Principal are working on contract basis. There is only just one staff to run the institution- the Section Officer who is a permanent staff of the University. Besides him, the Librarian and sweeper are permanent employees of the University.

The faculty members of the B.Ed centers, who are mostly female teachers, are qualified as lecturers as per UGC/NCTE norms and some even have Doctorate in Education. But they are treated like coolie teachers. There is no designation like Lecturer, Professor, Associate Professor or Reader for these hapless ladies as they do not get any promotions even after decades of service. They are not even associated in in-service training of teachers of schools. However, they are called for evaluation of B.Ed exam papers as the regular teachers of the Government and aided institutions do not want to burdened with such works.

Exploitation is not uncommon in this communist dominated State of Kerala. Even while the school syllabus are flooded with historic events of exploitation by the Janmis in the past, it is ironical that the teachers of teachers, that is, the teachers of the teacher education centers are exploited by the very same educational system.

Adding insult to injury the University is resorting to appointing school teachers as Principals in the B.Ed centers on deputation basis in order to threaten the B.Ed center teachers to silence so that they would not ask for more salary or service benefits. The University in the communist heartland of the State is acting like a Janmi of the past era and is showing all trends towards capitalist regime.

Thus we have two classes of college teachers working in the University - The Upper class consisting of those earning UGC salaries and a lower servant class consists of teachers who earn one-fifth to one-tenth of the salaries paid to the upper class teachers. Even though the qualifications are the same the Upper class teachers are known by the name 'Professors, Readers etc. " while the lower class teachers will always remain as mere 'teachers'. Most of the Upper Class teachers are working in aided institutions run by caste/religious organisations particularly the minority ones and a small number directly recruited by the University. The clerks are superior to teachers in the University as the Section Officers who are the permanent employees of the University in the B.Ed centers are similar to the British Governors overlooking the activiites of the erstwhile Rajas (the Principals).
The University is often influenced by the private B.Ed institutions who run these for profit alone. They would not allow the University to raise the salaries and service conditions of B.Ed college teachers because they are afraid that they too would be forced to give similar remuneration..

Exploitation of Teacher Educators will impact the education system severely because the teacher educators who are the first hand trainers of the school teachers are treated without respect and these teachers as a result carry low self esteem, which is transferred to the teachers who come to the institutions as well.

Becoming a teacher trainer is a wrong career choice to the upcoming youngsters. There is no such decent job as a teacher educator...rather it is coolie teacher educators. The polititians and bosses sitting in the higher education sector has made this noble profession of teacher education into chambers of exploitation.

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