October 27, 2011

The magic of google translate -a great language learning tool for students

For parents, teachers and teacher educators information... your teaching burden is greatly reduced from now on... Google Translate is here
Recently I came across Google Translate and I was astounded by its power..

I wrote in English "I want a cup of tea" and Google Translate gave me "मैं एक कप चाय चाहिए

I wrote "let me go to school" and the translation was "
मुझे स्कूल जाना"

"the teacher taught me Hindi" was translated to "शिक्षक ने मुझे हिंदी सिखाया"

If we press a small icon of audio in the right corner we can listen to what is translated through a voice synthesiser.

It is a great tool for students and elders to learn Hindi..and any language

Unfortunately Google Translate is not available in Malayalam language yet.

I wonder whether we need to study any more language in the future. Companies are likely to bring out translation gadgets that will translate what we say, into any other language of our choice.. be it Russian, German, Spanish.. Bengali..anything. The day is not far when we will speak in our mother toungue and gadgets attached to us will speak through a speaker in a different language.. We will thus be able to communicate with anyone in this world in their language without learning their language..

try yourself ... :)

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