February 27, 2012

No fans in Classrooms; schools harassing children

Open letter to Minister and authorities

My children are studying in ******** School, *********. They report that since last many days there is no electricity in their classrooms. On further enquiry I understood that the school authorities are trying to save electricity charges by cutting off electric supply to lower classrooms. My children reports that they are suffering immense heat due in their classroom due to this. Is this not called child harassment?

Most classes have 60-70 students and there is no adequate ventilation or fans. This is the situation even in private schools collecting fees and donations.

Whom will the poor students complain?? Is there an administration machinery here that will look into the human rights aspects of school students?

Even grown ups these days do not sit in wooden benches in a crowded classroom of 60-70 pupils, suffering heat due to lack of fans, and listen to lectures of teachers from morning till evening every day for a whole year??

Government must intervene and ensure that schools provide adequate number of fans in the classrooms and also use them.

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