February 05, 2012

B.Ed college Principal's salary Rs. 15000 teacher salary Rs.12000

B.Ed colleges are money making shops. Universities are doing that. Calicut University, Kerala University and M.G University are great institutions of exploitation of B.Ed teachers. They run scores of B.Ed colleges but pay little to teachers.

Even after many years and decades of teaching / administrative experience the salaries of the faculty members and the principals do not increase. They do not get promotion ever. They are slaves of institutions run by "Great" Universities. Universities have become shameless in exploitation..

Even the librarian, section officer and sweepers in these institutions are permanent employees of these institutions but not the teachers or the Principal. The money that the Universities save by paying low salaries to the these people becomes its profit.

It is no use complaining to anyone. The Universities suppress the teachers who ask for more salary. They hunt them down. Even complaining to Education Minister is of no use. He is a person who knows only to smile smile and smile widely and doing nothing to help the teachers. He is not a person of high caliber or understand the problems in education sector. He became education minister just because he is a muslim league fellow in the caste-religion dominated Kerala politics. It is no use complaining to him

Thus the B.Ed teachers get exploited by the government bodies, Universities and everybody.

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