January 22, 2012

The technology has arrived! off with your textbooks and get hold of an ipad

The textbooks are slowly on its way out. Technology has amazingly improved and this very handy electronic device called tablet PC is here. IPad is considered best among tablet PCs.

The coming days is going to witness a flood of e-textbooks on every subject available on your tablet. It is time to bid adieu to paper industry and the woodcutters.. Leave the woods there for birds and squirrels..we don't need to cut trees anymore for making paper.

The role of teachers will undoubtedly be different. They need not struggle to explain matters using charts and blackboards. Multimedia contents in the textbooks will be more than enough to teach students everything. Only practical lessons need teacher help; plus guidance and evaluation.

The present day textbooks, particularly that of State Government syllabus are created by lack creativity and good language and confuse and bore students. This could change if text books written by good text book writers are prescribed to students. The role of government education department would then reduce to set the scope of contents  to be learned precisely as part of curriculum and leave it to students to get the learning materials that will be plentifully available in the net and as e-books. The teachers need to be intelligent and must have depth of knowledge because otherwise it is not possible to evaluate the students.

The evaluation itself would need drastic changes than the present day systems. The coming years will wittness technology helping students in the classrooms and homes. School bag industry might be affected with reduced burden of textbooks to be carried to schools.  

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