September 17, 2012

Sutharya Keralam: Requesting to open 'by transfer' posts to open merit candidates in Lecturer recruitment

This complaint is with respect to appointment of lecturers in Government Colleges of Teacher Education under Collegiate Education department.
In appointing Lecturers in the the four government B.Ed colleges the government employed teachers are alone given opportunity by adopting 'By transfer' criteria and only if candidates are  not available in that category the posts are made available for open category. This is grave injustice to unemployed UGC NET holders in the State because there are no other opportunities for open candidates  with UGC NET qualification for obtaining goverment jobs as teacher educators. There is no reason for making B.Ed college Lecturer posts alone in the 'by transfer' category; it may be noted that, for appointment of Lecturers in chemistry, history or physics in government colleges there is no 'by transfer' criteria like this.
Besides, I wish to bring to your kind attention that UGC-NET holders in Education in Kerala (90% of them are women candidates) are working on temporary or contract basis with no job security, pension, medical benefit or allowances or Promotions and poor pay that is not enough for a decent livelihood. The aided colleges are using their discretion for selection of faculty members.  The private and self financing colleges constitute 90% of B.ed colleges in the State.

Under this situation, I request your good office to kindly intervene urgently and remove the 'By transfer' criteria for appointment for appointment to government college of teacher educations under Collegiate Education departmentand give equal opportunity to open merit candidates without favoring those already in government service as done at present.

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