March 09, 2012

TET for teachers of unaided must follow regulations to ensure remuneration at par with govt/aided teachers

I searched for the Government Order for TET and found it HERE.

The teachers in the Government institutions are right now selected based on PSC tests. So TET is set as part of minimum qualifications to attend for the PSC test, I think. That is good.

I agree with the Government stance that -"Government have the academic responsibility to ensure that a teacher appointed should possess the minimum qualification  for teacher"

The appointments to aided institutions at present is based on the amount of money that the candidate pays as "donation" (a veiled bribe in broad daylight -selling government post by managements to make money..daylight robbery). At least I believe that TET will ensure that the ones appointed as teachers will be having minimum eligibility and capacity to occupy the post.

But what about the teachers of the unaided institutions. The government has not been considering them as part of the education system; They are paid only a pittance of what the government and aided school teachers get. So burdening them with TET and other qualifications without ensuring that they are paid like human beings at par with the former guys is inhuman and the Government have the responsibility to ensure their remuneration at par with the aided and government institutions.

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