December 25, 2011

Teacher Education Career is Road to Doom!!

Never think of becoming a teacher educator if you are not rich enough to pay donation at a private aided college for getting a lecturer post. Out of some 230 B.Ed colleges in the Kerala State 17 are aided colleges 4 are government colleges and the rest 90% are in private/self financing sector, meaning teaching shops.

Chances of getting job in government college is less; only state government school teachers who have qualifications manage to get it; they are given priority in appointment.

In the aided colleges that are run by religious institutions mostly they look at your caste and religion besides the amount of money you would give as 'donation', which should be several lakhs; means these posts are reserved for the rich and powerful.

Most likely one is likely to get employed in a private or self financing institution with monthly pay not more that what a mason or carpenter gets. And you could loose your job even if you go for maternity leave. You are not a teacher or a human; you are a product, a commodity -a factor that decides whether the institution will be profitable or not.

Never pursue M.Ed or PhD in Education; Look before you Leap. You career could be doomed and you will find yourself crying the whole life if you think that teacher education as a noble career and decide to pursue it. Study what happens to the teacher educators before you choose the career

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