October 18, 2012

Document writing is most remunerative job in Kerala

Please visit the registration department website. It has listed the permitted fees for document writers

In this age of computers document writing is just document editing and printing; it is not a tedious work at all. Just fill in the forms from the computer and take printouts. why should they be paid so high for this small work? for a document for propert
y valued above Rs.8 Lakh a document writer is paid Rs.7500 plus other charges (and most of them and almost all never gives receipt for the work). Any property these days values more than Rs.8 Lakh. Why should society be fleeced in this day light robbery. 

A school teacher in a private school gets only that much working for a whole month. A B.Ed college teacher gets only twice even with a lifetime experience of teaching. A document writer earns in just 1-2 hours what a school teacher earns in one month. This Kerala is held at ransom by organised workers and people like these.

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Sreekumar B. said...

This week the Kerala Government issued orders permitting document preparation without the help of document writers. Great move indeed !!