April 25, 2012


You can see from the above form how these people treat a principal who are on contract staff. They have no respect for teaching profession and discriminates Principals and teachers on contract staff.

There is a government organisation full of corruption and nepotism called SCERT..They do not distinguish between a Principal and a sweeper.. They do not recruit people through Public Service Commission; instead they have their own sinister recruitment methods.. From SCERT website I got a pdf file in which a form for collection of remuneration is given; Principal, poen and sweeper are treated without any difference..see for yourself the following form given in Kerala SCERT website of Open School  http://www.openschool.kerala.gov.in/

The District Co-ordinator of Open School under SCERT is paid just Rs.11,000/-. Even daily wage labourers get much more than this in Kerala. These inhuman bosses in the SCERT higher ups are so burgoise type people that they fail to understand that District Coordinator is a human being who has to feed his/her children and send them to school. These sort of bureaucrats are responsible for the rise in naxalism. These bosses of SCERT are the direct descendants of the British Raj and Slave Kingdoms. These bosses earn fat salaries and perks from State Government and UGC. They do not pay the miserable poor guys a decent livelihood for their hard work and treat SCERT as if it is their ancestral property.

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